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5 Reasons To Switch To Cruelty-Free Skincare

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5 Reasons To Switch To Cruelty-Free Skincare

Animal testing is cruel

An animal test is any scientific experiment or test in which a live animal is forced to undergo something that is likely to cause them pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm.

Laboratories are no place for any animal. They are typically sterile, indoor environments in which the animals are forced to live in cages – denied complete freedom of movement and control over their lives. Some animals in laboratories are confined on their own, without the companionship of others.

Better & healthier choose from natural & non-toxic skincare

LOOKING good shouldn’t involve cruelty. So the next time you apply your favorite shade of lipstick, open a jar of moisturizer or flip open your compact powder, think about whether your beauty routine is contributing to pain and suffering for animals. Animals have been used in cosmetics testing for over 50 years and 80 percent of countries around the world still have no laws against animal testing in cosmetic products and ingredients. The Body Shop, a beauty brand known for its cruelty-free approach has been campaigning with the non-profit organization Cruelty-Free International against animal testing since the 1980s.The brand has since launched a campaign to call for a global ban on animal testing in cosmetic products and ingredients by 2020

Development of alternatives to animal testing

Replacing animal tests does not mean putting human patients at risk. It also does not mean halting medical progress. Instead, replacing animal testing will improve the quality as well as the humaneness of our science. Thankfully, the development of alternative methods is growing. Due to innovations in science, animal tests are being replaced in areas such as toxicity testing, neuroscience, and drug development.  But much more needs to be done.

Thousands of brands are cruelty-free

There are thousands of cruelty-free brands available today. Gone are the days when choosing cruelty-free products meant only purchasing patchouli lotion from a small, local shop. We can still support all the great independent businesses, but a lot of mainstream big-name brands have now gone cruelty-free. You’re not really limiting yourself that much by making the switch since so many great brands are cruelty-free. (

Government worldwide banning animal testing

Many counties have already banned animal testing for cosmetics on finished products and ingredients. The European Union, Isreal, India, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea, and New Zealand have all banned animal testing. So many governments across the world banning this practice should tell us how harmful and unethical it really is. (

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