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5 Best Soft Facial Cotton Pads – Updated 2021

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5 Best Soft Facial Cotton Pads – Updated 2021

What is the main consideration to choose a good cotton pads? Soft & Safe facial cotton pads are best for makeup removal, sheet masks, applying toner & dead skin removal.

NO fluorescent whitening agent & Safe cotton pad.  It does not contain a fluorescent whitening agent that may cause skin irritation. Sensitive and fragile skin can use safely without having to worry.

1. Muji Cotton (Organic & Unbleached)

Muji Cotton (Organic & Unbleached)

Feature: Muji unbleached cotton pad is made from soft, long, unbleached cotton fibres. The pads are an off-white colour with natural dark specs visible. This is normal for organic unbleached cotton.

Usage: Muji organic cotton best for wicking.
Country origin: Japan
Quantity: 180pcs/sheets
Where to buy:

2. Daiso Cotton Puff

Daiso Cotton Puff


Feature: Daiso Cotton pads are made from 100% pure cotton raw material which is absolutely neutral. The cotton puff has 2 sides soft and absorbent.

Usage: Use with facial toner or cleansing lotion.
Country origin: Japan
Quantity: 90pcs/sheets per pack.
Where to buy: Daiso Offline Store

3. Daily Beauty Tools Mild 100% Cotton Facial Pad

These cotton pads are two-sided. One side looks like a normal cotton pad, while the other side It’s a little rougher, but still gentle enough for the face.
Usage: use the softer side first and then, finish of with the rougher part for some exfoliating.
Country origin: Korea
Quantity: 80pcs/pack
Where to buy:

4. Watsons Non-Woven Facial Puffs

Watsons Non-Woven Facial Puffs

*available at Watsons online E-store

Feature: Made of 100% cotton suitable for all types of skin, side sealed facial puffs.
Usage: Best for makeup removal, dead skin removal, & applying toner.
Country origin: China
Quantity: 180pcs/sheets per pack.
Where to buy:

5. SOMEBYMI ½ Slim Skin Pack Cotton Pad

SOMEBYMI ½ Slim Skin Pack Cotton Pad

Feature: Super adhesive cotton pad with a great absorption ability provides more than enough moisture with a small amount of toner.
Usage: Soak the cotton pad with a toner and place it on areas where need moisturizing.
Country: Korea
Quantity: 60 pcs per pack
Website: Somebymi official store


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