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What Skin Care Products Are Right For You

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What Skin Care Products Are Right For You

The packaging might be pretty, but it won’t do a thing to eliminate acne, reduce fine lines, smooth wrinkles, or hydrate. When it comes to skincare as with most other things, it’s what’s inside that counts.

If you feel overwhelmed by the scores of product choices available today, becoming more familiar with terms used in cosmetology and their true meanings might be helpful in distinguishing which products are and are not right for you.

Cosmetic companies are required to list all the contents in their products in the order of concentration, from the most to the least. Certain cosmetic terms, however, can be confusing and misleading to the average consumer; terms such as “all-natural” and “fragrance-free,” for instance.

While all-natural does mean that ingredients used were derived from natural sources like plants and other organic material, the use of the term applied to cosmetics is not regulated by the KKM or FDA. Some cosmetic companies not concerned with accuracy or with often mislead consumers by applying the term to their product.

ingredients check

Products that advertise they are fragrance-free may still have fragrant plant extracts to mask offensive odour resulting from unrefined materials used. Not everyone is sensitive to fragrance but if you have sensitive skin, take note. Some extracts can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.

Alcohol-free products may be free of “grain alcohol,” which is drying. If you are sensitive skin, suggests using products that list any alcohol component just after the list of preservatives.

The Bad:

• Alcohol
• Ethanol
• Propanol
• Denatured alcohol
• Alcohol Denat.
• Ethyl alcohol
• Methanol
• Isopropyl alcohol
• SD alcohol
• Benzyl alcohol

The Good:

• Cetyl alcohol
• Stearyl or isostearyl alcohol
• C12-16
• Cetearyl alcohol
• Lauryl alcohol
• Isopropyl myristate
• Isopropyl palmitate
• Glyceryl stearate
• Glycol
• Myristyl Alcohol

Higher-end cosmetics will not necessarily work better than those that cost less. Therefore, “brand loyalty” will not necessarily benefit the consumer.

Everyone’s skin is different. Find out what works for you, and stick with a daily skin care routine, which will give your face a healthy glow.

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